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Welcome to the Celtic Brotherhood (TCB) Official Worldwide Website.  We're a biker brotherhood made up of dedicated men who live by the biker code.  We are proud of our Celtic heritage and strive to make this a better world through our words, deeds and actions.


The Celtic Brotherhood was founded in 1980 by a biker named Beau Rooney, along with several of his motorcycle enthusiast friends. more>>





I have lived decades beyond what I could have ever imagined I wiould.. I have 'Survived" Life Threatening moments & Life...

Posted by Beau Rooney on Monday, November 7, 2016

JULY 2016

A Special Announcement to all our Facebook followers.

Yesterday (July 19, 2016) Facebook unceremoniously blocked our “The Celtic Brotherhood - For Bikers By Bikers - Official Support Page” stating that their Security Systems had detected our twitter account link “@celticbrothers” unsafe.

Good News!

Facebook has listened to our arguments about their decision to remove our Group Page, and have restored it.

Love Loyalty and Respect
The Celtic Brotherhood


To all the members of the Ottawa area motorcycle community - the Military and the general public..This Saturday is the...

Posted by Beau Rooney on Tuesday, July 12, 2016


JUNE 2016

Congratulations to Beau Rooney and The Celtic Brotherhood for receiving the (OBIA) Ontario Brain Injury Association's 'FELLOWSHIP AWARD' for Citizens who have made a significant contribution to increasing the awareness of acquired brain injury on June 18, 2016 in Toronto.

Motorcyco Beau with Ruth Wilcock , Executive Director of the ONTARIO BRAIN INJURY ASSOCIATION OBIA whose introduction...

Posted by Beau Rooney on Wednesday, June 22, 2016



The Celtic Brotherhood, Ottawa International Motorcycle Show (2016) Busted Bucket Challenge hand out (pamphlet).
The Busted Bucket Challenge Website Click Here >>

Trifold or 3-panel brochure folding instructions: Roll Fold on letter-sized paper Click Here >>.




The Definition of the TCB "Cut"
(Skull on Fire)
Written: Beau Rooney

The design and the colors of the TCB "Cut" have very specific meanings to our members and are meant to outline both the reality and the expectations of our involvement within the communities where are members reside and the design itself was actually the creation of a Brother, who is a TBI and PTSD survivor himself. more>>



The online "Cyber-Group" that goes by the name "Celtic Brotherhood-International" originally created by TCB as a "Friends of The Celtic Brotherhood" has since had all its ties and affiliations to TCB severed for misrepresentation and violating our code of conduct.



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