The Celtic Brotherhood is a biker brotherhood made up of dedicated men who live by the biker code.  As the Brotherhood is now open to non-bikers we no longer consider ourselves a motorcycle club.  We are proud of our Celtic heritage and strive to make this a better world through our words, deeds and actions.

The Celtic Brotherhood (TCB) was formally founded in 1980 by a lifelong biker named Beau Rooney, along with several of his motorcycle enthusiast friends.  In 2002 the Celtic Brotherhood underwent several major constitutional changes, a second generation that emphasized more focus on the Brotherhood aspects with greater attention and involvement in our community. By actively supporting charities and volunteering with groups like BARK - Biker Animal Rescue Klub, TCB hopes to create a more positive image for bikers in our community.


The actual history of the brotherhood is not shrouded in mystery, but it didn't just happen overnight either. To understand the evolutionary process of the brotherhood we must first understand that it’s a work in progress with many bikers having shared the road with Beau over the years, and it was the early years that helped to shape and form what Beau would eventually in 1980 call The Celtic Brotherhood. The Celtic Brotherhood has evolved over the past few decades into a group of dedicated men who live by the biker code, by assisting others in a positive way along the highway of life. This is our legacy, to leave a place better than it was before we arrived, this is The Celtic Brotherhoods basic tenant, this is what makes up the very heart and soul of The Celtic Brotherhood.


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