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The Busted Bucket Challenge

Over the last couple of years there has been an increasing dialogue regarding brain injury and concussion with more efforts being made to diagnose and deal with this extremely important and growing Issue. From corporations to community groups, people are trying to find ways to alert others to the huge cost both human and financial, that this growing problem presents not only the survivors and families but also the community and workplace.

The Busted Bucket Challenge was created by a group of brain injury survivors along with some of their close friends who decided to produce something positive from all they and they loved ones must deal with everyday and so they combined their love of the motorcycle lifestyle and formed a group called The Celtic Brotherhood.

Originally their plan was to reach out to sports programs for youth and give demonstrations using glasses which distorted vision and were created by a good friend who is a local optician and inspired by those worn by the character, “Bubbles” from the popular Canadian television series, Trailer Park Boys.

While at a public event the TCB used the opportunity to take pictures of themselves and friends wearing the special eyewear and noticed that passers-by were stopping to look on and so they were invited to participate by trying on the glasses to get an idea of how ABI can affect them.

The public were amazed at the difficulty they experienced when they were asked to perform some simple tasks and their interest surpassed any hesitancy they might have had about talking to bikers.

TCB realized that while initially it was black t-shirts, beards and tattoos that created the curiosity,  the difficulties people had while wearing the eyewear and trying to perform simple tasks became the real interest and from that moment the “Busted Bucket Challenge” was born.

The Busted Bucket Challenge consists of “chopper” styled adult tricycles built by the members and an interactive challenge where riders are encouraged to try and navigate a course consisting of traffic pylons bordered by astro-turf, plastic fire hydrants and other three dimensional objects meant to increase the difficulty while wearing eyewear meant to simulate some of the optical issues that accompany head trauma.

Momentum and popularity have grown for the BBC and with the help of people such as bike builders, painters and other local businesses including the OBIA who supply printed material and contact information which members of TCB hand it out to the onlookers.  Over time all the men have honed their ability to reach out to the public and spread their important message through humor, creativity and ingenuity.

by Beau Rooney





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